Consultation, Imaging, Diagnostics
and Advanced Vein Treatment in our Barrie, Ontario Vein Clinic

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Our Focus

What we prioritize at our Barrie vein treatment clinic

Vascular vein clinic consultation appointments in Barrie, Ontario

Assessment & Advice

Providing an accurate diagnosis and advising treatment to those individuals with arterial and venous disease.

Vascular vein imaging appointments in Barrie, Ontario


For certain patients, diagnosis and follow-up of vascular disorders may require “non-invasive” vascular imaging.

High Definition Ultrasound Imaging Colour Doppler Power Doppler Ultrasound Imaging Digital Imaging (MINI PACS)

Vascular Physio Assessment Unit & Photoplethysmography 

Forms & Requisitions

Download the PDF to print at home and complete the requisition. Once complete, fax it to our clinic at 705-915-1196.

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Our Treatments

How we treat different arterial and venous diseases at our Barrie vein clinic

Compression Stockings Barrie, Ontario

Compression Stockings

Improve your circulation, increase your energy and aid in keeping your legs healthy.

Venaseal vein treatments in Barrie, ON


The VenaSeal System is a unique, minimally invasive treatment that uses a safe-for-the-body medical glue to quickly and effectively treat varicose veins.

EVLT Endovenous Laser Treatments in Barrie


Endovenous Laser Treatment is a quick and minimally invasive laser procedure that leaves without a scar and can be performed within your doctor’s office.

Elite iQ Laser Vein Removal in Barrie, ON

Laser Vein Removal

Using the highly regarded Elite iQ, we can non-invasively diminish spider veins and improve pigmentation.

Sclerotherapy in Barrie, ON


A tiny needle is used to inject veins with medication that irritates their lining. This method of therapy can be used to treat both varicose & spider veins.